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Orbit Paperweight

sku # JC1407

Be dazzled by the reflections through this standing, spherical paperweight. Heavy and eye catching, our optic crystal Orbit is a sure winner!



Magnifier Paperweight

sku # JC355P

Now in two sizes, these optic crystal paperweights actually magnify your logo. Custom gift box included.

$28.50 - $37.00



sku # JC2760p

A creative interplay of triangles gives this award its name as well as a designer look. The two triangles are eye-catching and afford a unique way to display your logo and message of a job well-done.

$73.00 - $83.00



sku # JC5030p

Stately and refined, this perennial favorite is made of massive optic crystal. And you'll love the way its hexagonal facets allow for lots of interesting refractions. A good choice for the purist or whenever a good impression is important.

$92.00 - $123.00



sku # JC6959p

This stunning award will be the life of your event. Made of optic crystal, its large size gives you plenty of space for expressing your thoughts, while the blue vertical component is the perfect way to highlight the name of your achiever.

$158.00 - $184.00



sku # JC4880p

Just one look says it all! Reward them with our hefty Crystal Ribbon and the world will know a job was well-done. Made of thick optic crystal, choose the clear base or add a splash of color with blue or red.

$147.00 - $168.00



sku # JC6990p

Make a splash with our new Radiant Award. This elegantly symmetrical design affords plenty of creativity for your message of congratulations. Made of optic crystal, choose from clear, black, blue or red for a color that matches your theme.

$158.00 - $174.00



sku # JC1161p

This dynamic award grabs attention with its angled bar that serves as the perfect way to highlight one's name. Choose clear, blue, red or black optic crystal. Secondary etching location included as shown.



Laurel Cup

sku # JC6016p

The laurel wreath, a symbol of triumph since the ancient Greeks, receives a new interpretation. The cut glass wreath that encircles the ellipse is contemporary yet timeless. This expression of greatness is mouth-blown and hand-cut by highly skilled European artisans and is a prized possession for sure.

$263.00 - $284.00


Resin Wedge Award

sku # DTRFG831

Silver resin wedge golf award on rosewood finish base.



Resin Putter Award

sku # DTRFG830

Silver resin golf putter on rosewood finish base.



Resin Driver Award

sku # DTRFG829

Silver resin golf driver on rosewood finish base.