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Desk Accessories & Gift Items


Sounding Block

sku # TR737

Walnut sounding block with engraving plate. Gavel (shown in picture) is additional. For gavel see item TR5116 or TR5118.



Walnut Gavel

sku # TR5116p

Walnut Gavel with gold engraving band. Sounding block (shown in picture) is additional, see item TR737.

$44.25 - $48.75


Black piano finish namebar

sku # TR556

Black piano-finish namebar with laser engravable nameplate.



Rosewood Namebar

sku # TR572

Rosewood piano-finish namebar with laser engraveable plate.



Stratus Globe

sku # CD5040p

Express a solid interest in global success with this impressive 4" optical globe. Combined with a cubic optical base, this award becomes a sparkling statement of worldly recognition.

$66.00 - $119.00


Trilogy Clock

sku # CD5805

This optically flawless crystal tower encompasses three clocks in any combination of time zones. The smooth beveled edges of this timepiece create a truly elegant look.



Noble Eagle

sku # CD6140

Leaders are thoughtful, wise and committed to the task at hand. Reward individuals that possess these qualities with the Noble Eagle Award.



Eagle on Rock

sku # CD7326

This eagle is mounted on a strong base to symbolize the eagle's courage, strength and power.



Danbury Circle Award

sku # CD4048p

Emerald green crystal dramatically extends from left to right across a perfect optical crystal circle, creating a stunning surface for a personalized message of congratulations. This award has universal appeal to an individual recipient or an entire organization. It can be customized with sincere words and imprinted in a variety of ways!

$128.00 - $153.00


Tapered Globe

sku # CD5864p

A flawless, tapered optical crystal base, topped with an equally flawless crystal globe, make this award perfect for any recognition event!

$173.00 - $203.00


Cobalt Oval Vase

sku # CD2240p

Blue is a color often associated with businesses and business endeavors. The Oval Cobalt Blue Vase is a beautiful fitting recognition award for many business achievements.

$128.00 - $183.00


Crystal Hockey Puck on Black Glass Base

sku # CD5912G

An official size optically perfect crystal hockey puck on black glass base is the perfect presentation award for the winning team or sports event. This hockey puck is a one-of-a-kind award.