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Marble & Stone


Glass and Slate

sku # VS5011p

Multi-colored slate with suspended premium jade glass. Two imprint positions and one color (front only) included. Includes easel back and ring hanger.

$145.00 - $180.00


Heritage Plaque

sku # VS3500GNp

Green marble plaque with cherry wood and brass accents. One imprint position with one color included. Includes easel back and ring hanger.

$139.00 - $210.00


Heritage Plaque Black

sku # VS3500BLp

Black marble plaque with cherry finished wood and brass accents. One imprint position with one color included. Includes easel back and ring hanger.

$189.00 - $221.00



sku # JC6350

Striking contrast highlights the Performer and Infinia and guarantees your award and event will be long-remembered. The sculptural piece is a fascinating design made of chrome-plated resin, while the base is solid blue optic crystal.




sku # JCQ710K

Original premier Quarry design conceived with a depth of dimension, style and grace. An innovative mixture of natural marble and crystal created to reward your elite performers. The natural beauty of genuine marble is a gift from Mother Nature to celebrate personal achievement.




sku # JCQ800

Recognize distinctive achievement with a stately award of timeless elegance. The inspired design combination of crystal and black marble makes our Landmark a truly m magnificent architectural themed award.



Luxor Pillar

sku # JCQ703p

From its mysterious creation in ancient Egypt to the present, the "Stone of Time" has fascinated the world for centuries. The permanence and brilliance of a bygone era has been captured in J.Charles' masterfully sculpted Luxor Pillars of genuine black marble. These pieces are an everlasting monument of exceptional acclaim that truly rewards and acknowledges outstanding achievement.

$95.00 - $132.00



sku # JCQ101p

Inspired by the classic Greek Obeliskos design circa fifth century B.C., this majestic work of art has for centuries been a symbol of power, strength and achievement. The Grande Obelisk rises a monumental 15" tall and weighs a massive 15 pounds. The base is distinguished from the monolith by solid brass spheres tha accenturate the gold-filled carving. Our three small obelisks stand 12", 9", and 5" tall respectively and likewise make for exceptional awards or stunning accessories that will grace any interior.

$89.00 - $419.00


Providence Column

sku # JCQ183p

Exquisite towers of Power! Make a dramatic statement with J.Charles' proprietary green marble fluted columns that showcase the grandeur of natural serpentine stone created by the hand of Mother Nature. Rock solid awards to bestow recognition for rock solid performances. Each award may vary significantly, and the flutes will likewise have varying characteristics.

$93.00 - $156.00



sku # JCQ204

An architectural form with a stately stance evoking images of dignity and sophistication. Show your gratitude by recognizing your most valued personnel for their superior efforts. Sculpted of solid black marble, it is a grand way to bestow honor for dedicated service or distinctive accomplishments.



Quantum Clock

sku # JCQ248

A masterpiece - absolutely an original! A unique testimony to achievement for those one of a kind recipients. This finely crafted timepiece of genuine black marble, goldplate, and select American walnut will look stunning on the office credenza or above the home hearth. Precise quartz movement with solid brass and glass. Battery #357 included.




sku # VAVFTM208

Beautiful and smooth Multi-Layer Charcoal and Multi-Colored Slate award stands tall to imply a major achievement

$89.00 - $124.00