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Award Verbiage

Recognizing people for their achievements, service, leadership and commitment can sometimes seem like an difficult task.  Determining what to give is sometimes easier than trying to figure out what to say.  The best advice is to be short and concise.  Below is a listing of sample verbiage for various levels of recognition to help you out.  Feel free to adjust it to fit your needs and make your recognition event a success! 


Awarded to
for Outstanding Personnel Achievement and Continuous Contributions
to the Success of His Company and His Community

This achievement award is presented
as a token of our appreciation for your unrelenting efforts.
Your display of ability and company interest will long be remembered.


In grateful recognition of outstanding leadership as production manager.
This award represents our high esteem for your untiring efforts.

In recognition of (#) years of outstanding leadership as (Position/Title).
It carries with it heartfelt appreciation for your loyalty and friendship.

We applaud your leadership, courage and fortitude. 
Your contribution has been a glowing example for all to see and admire,
as you have set a new standard for excellence.

Your extraordinary effort and dedicated commitment
to the principles of growth and expansion through dynamic
leadership has enriched each and every one of us. 
Knowing you has been our greatest gift.

Your leadership, guidance and drive in the face of surmounting odds
has been both a blessing and an inspiration to us all. 
It was a pleasure to have you as a distinguished colleague.


This is given as a token of our gratitude for your loyal service and friendship.
This award also expresses our appreciation for your standard of excellence over the years.

This award is presented on behalf of the entire company showing appreciation
for your loyalty and friendship over the years.

In gratitude for your dedication, devotion and loyal service (years of service)

On behalf of your comrade-in-arms as a token of their esteem and friendship.

Having you as a co-worker has been a delightful experience.
Your steady and hearty contributions on our team will be sorely missed.
Happy Retirement!

Retirement is a time to look forward.
Yet we look back at your many accomplishments
with pride and admiration.
Thank you for a job truly well done.

The many years of your dedicated service
to our company will not easily be forgotten nor replaced,
as no one else can possibly fill your shoes.
Good luck on your retirement.


This award is presented on behalf of (Company Name)
In appreciation for an accident-free year

This award is presented on behalf of the (Company Name) for
an outstanding Safety Record

In recognition of
an outstanding safety record and appreciation
of a conscientious effort in performing a job well done

This award is presented as a token of gratitude
for 10 Years of Accident-Free Driving


For excellence in salesmanship and efforts

In recognition of Midwest Region's high achievement
Sales vs. Quota
Sales Increase

In recognition of superior sales achievement

For outstanding performance and increase in sales

Best Sales Improvement
You took the momentum in your hands,
molded the opportunity with your influence and overrode your quota.

Your excellence sales performance
has earned you the respect of our industry and of your peers.


In appreciation for (#) years of unlimited service rendered.
We, the people of (Company Name), extend to you, our deepest gratitude
and hope for your continued success wherever you may serve

With this award, we wish to extend to you our sincere appreciation
for the devoted years you have spent with us.
With this award of gratitude for our
best wishes and heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

With heartfelt gratitude for your tireless effort
in the interest of this town and community.
We, the members of the (Town Name, Company Name, etc.),
do hereby present to you, this (plaque/award/gift) as a token of our appreciation.

For unselfish devotion and distinguished service as (Title)

It is with great esteem that we acknowledge
your most significant contribution to our ongoing fundraising efforts.
You have given unselfishly and for all your efforts we are very thankful.

To a distinguished colleague, valued friend and steadfast supporter.
Without your active participation we would not have achieved so great a goal.

Your unerring support, vibrant enthusiasm and devout energy
have been an endless source of enrichment to the project and the staff.
We salute you for a job well done.