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Case Studies

Honoring Retirement

A small local bank was about to lose its most prized possession - Mr. Franklin - as he celebrated the beginning of his retirement. His tenure was marked with 15 years of faithful service to the bank and its customers. Mr. Franklin was known for his outstanding service and also his prized tomatoes and roses. During his years at the bank he shared his personal passion for gardening with his co-workers and customers when he gave them homegrown tomotoes and roses. The bank managers wanted to show their appreciation for his commitment with a meaningful memento, so they chose a Greenbury Rectangle. During his retirement party the managers presented the award - a symbol of Mr. Franklin - creating a lasting symbol of his career at the bank.

Commitment to Excellence

The PFA Energy Company worked to develop higher standards for clean water throughout the world. Employees worked endlessly to find new ways to deliver clean water to various regions around the world. Every employee working at PFA understood that their efforts created more than just a solution for clean water; it enabled entire regions to grow better food, slow rates of disease, and increase the overall quality of life for the residents. The employees were ecstatic whenever the company developed an idea or product that delivered clean water to a community. The leaders of PFA wanted to show their appreciation for their employees' efforts and created an event to showcase their appreciation. They presented their employees with a personalized crystal ward to remind them of the "clear difference" they made throughout the world. They chose the words "clear difference" to represent the significant impact the employees had made and they also chose crystal because it is totally clear and flawless.

Award of Appreciation

A school board member from a small town in rural Midwest America received an award of appreciation for creating a supplemental reading program for children with dyslexia. The school board member has a son who struggled with dyslexia 15 years prior to the introduction of the supplemental reading program. Her son's experience inspired the development of the reading program; this relieves teachers from completing extra duties, allowing them to spend more time initiating learning exercises for dyslexic children. The board member was blown-away with the recognition and appreciation from her fellow colleagues.

Thank You Goes A Long Way

In just 12 months, a large hospital system just outside of St. Louis, MO saw donation contributions from their to 50 donors increase by 16 percent. This sharp increase occurred when the hospital system developed a comprehensive thank you program aimed at all donors. The thank you program used a video to describe how donations had made a personal difference in the live of individual patients. In addition, each donor received a crystal award to memorialize their generosity. This personal approach made a positive impact on the donors and led to even more generosity. The combination of receiving a thank you and a personalized crystal award generated an emotion of appreciation and a long lasting memory to remind donors of the great feeling associated with each donation.

All-Star Service

A local bed and breakfast was honoured by their statewide association for its signature pastry and exceptional customer service. The bed and breakfast had been recognized for their retreat style home and remarkable customer service in the past, however, this was the first time they were honoured for their blueberry scone. Customers frequently raved about the scones in satisfaction surveys. The comments trickled down to the association board members who selected the pastry as winner of the annual signature dish award. The scone recipe was a family recipe; originating from the grandmother of one of the bed and breakfast owners. The owners were delighted when they received the award at the annual banquet. The award chosen was a optic crystal piece with a blue crystal star to correspond with the blueberry scone.