Planning Donor and Recognition Walls

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When planning a donor or recognition wall start with these four considerations.

-What would you like to accomplish?
-Are you recognizing donors for a specific fundraising campaign or ongoing support?
-Are there different levels and how will they be set? Will the wall recognize one-time donations or cumulative giving?

Design Elements
-Will a traditional wall suffice or would they appreciate elements of multi-media to share their story or message of support?
-What is the space available for this display? Are there past recognition elements, historical considerations, current themes that need to be incorporated?
-Are there previous donor walls or interior decor you are trying to match?

-A budget of 2-4 percent of funds raised can be used for donor recognition, according to industry standards.

-Will the donor and/or recognition wall be static or updated periodically?
-Is this recognition wall a closed campaign or will it be ongoing?

We can assist you through every step of the donor wall process. Contact us by phone: 630-969-5595, email ( or by filling out the form below!

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