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sku # JC3110p

Angles, planes, and clean lines combine to make our Metro Award a work of art. And it's all designed to get your message across as well as accent the recipient's name. Precisely crafted and made from flawless optic crystal. Available with red or blue accents.

$161.00 - $187.00



sku # JC1620p

Experience the color of success with our very stunning Synthesis Award.  This large-scale design features a colored optic background for giving emphasis to your inscription.  Choose blue, green, amber or red.




sku # JC2510p

This unique piece engages the senses with its irresistible textures and soothing colors. Classic in shape, our Ambient Award is anything but old-fashioned due to its contemporary etched patterns and use of cool colors. Available in a variety of hues to match your corporate colors.




sku # JC2525

This design explores texture and color in a way that is truly original. The juxtaposition of translucent color applied against a frosted foreground creates tone on tone that adds a unique feel to your logo. Available in a variety of hues to match your corporate colors.




sku # JC270p

Inspiration shines through with our unique Pristine Award. The interplay of clear optic and white optic crystal is cool and modern, while working in harmony with its sleek angles and planes.

$221.00 - $258.00



sku # JC5400p

The Focus Awards are the ultimate when it comes to shining light on achievement. Made from faceted optic crystal, these towering pieces reflect light, quality and your intent to reward with style.

$172.00 - $241.00



sku # JC7411p

Our exclusive Innovator captures the essence of innovation. This substantial award is a collaboration of shapes and angles greatly enhanced by its use of clear and black optic crystal. An award that promises to make your event a true success.

$161.00 - $193.00


Blue Ultra

sku # JC1540p

Create a sensation with our creative Blue Ultra.  This towering award contrasts clear and frosted optic crystal, highlighted by a cobalt crystal diamond for a look that is beyond striking.  Large enough for hoisting, this unique design will add style and a splash of color to your presentation. 

$218.00 - $239.00


Blue Majestic

sku # JC388p

An enduring symbol made modern with solid optic crystal.  Our Blue Majestic ends with a radiant touch of blue, adding just the right twist and a sense of awe.  A nod to the ancient pyramids. Now available in three sizes.

$101.00 - $449.00


Steps to Success

sku # JC190p

This award presents a minimal approach with maximum impact. This intriguing piece of optic crystal highlights a series of steps magically cut within. One step at a time, the eye is led upward until it reaches your message of approval. This award is a visual metaphor of one's ascent to the top.

$193.00 - $219.00



sku # JC194p

Looking to add visual excitement to your award program? Select our Perceptions Award and reward the eye as well as the recipient. This innovative concept displays diagonal cuts within the optic crystal for a dimensional as well as a dynamic look.

$202.00 - $218.00



sku # JC3420p

This very simple shape is made interesting by a series of rolling facets finishing its top.  The Brillante award represents value, good taste and the beauty of simplicity.

$72.00 - $87.00