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sku # JC3290p

Celebrate achievements with a touch of tradition. This hefty trophy cup is made of 24% full-lead crystal and is hand-cut and polished for a sparkling presentation. For an added touch, your message is etched encircling the top.

$203.00 - $260.00


Signature Peak

sku # CD5358

The Signature Peak is an attractive tower that comes to a majestic peak. With ample space for an image and personal message of your choice, this award is sure to excite your recipient.



Phoenix Award

sku # CD7495p

A combination of blue and clear crystal make this glimmering crystal achievement award the choice for successful endeavors.

$427.00 - $661.00


Exposure Star

sku # CD4340

The Exposure Star combines three gorgeous substrates to create a beautiful award - black glass, optical crystal, and shiny aluminum. The unification of these three substrates in one award can symbolize compatibility, like-mindedness, or a shared vision among multiple business units. This is an ideal award to honor individuals, teams, or entire organizations for teamwork and collaboration.



Engage Art Glass Award

sku # CD7225

This unique handblown art glass award displays two individuals holding hands as if dancing together demonstrating unity and togetherness. This award can be used to recognize corporate teamwork or the personal achievement of two individuals working together to accomplish a heartfelt feat.



Lambent Flame

sku # CD5515p

The beautiful Lambent Flame award features an optical crystal flame highlighted with brilliant facets along the edge! The Lambent Flame is a stunning symbol for recognizing employees who have the constant desire to be the best in all they do.

$166.00 - $308.00


Fremont Peak

sku # CD5895p

This exclusive design is the perfect award to honor peak performance. The beautiful Fremont Peak is an exclusive award.

$174.00 - $245.00


Blue Shadow

sku # CD6429p

The unique dimension seen in this crystal award enhances the optical perfection of this beautiful Blue Shadow award.

$286.00 - $353.00


Curator Cup

sku # JC3310p

Rich with tradition, our Curator Cup is hand-blown, hand-cut, and acid-polished by skilled European artisans. It's a look that sparkles from afar and guarantees an award that is uniquely timeless. Made from 24% full-lead crystal, your message is highlighted between the cut bands near the top.

$179.00 - $215.00


Walnut Wall Clock

sku # TRBC888

Solid walnut wall clock with solid brass diamond-spun bezel with glass lens and ivory dial.



Desk Clock

sku # TRBC999

Glass desk clock with silver metal base and three hand clock movement. Runs on one AA sized battery.



Cycle Cup

sku # JC9247p

It doesn't get much prettier than this. Hand-blown, hand cut and polished, the cut pattern on this piece is designed to highlight your logo and message.

$184.00 - $216.00