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Desk Accessories & Gift Items


Gladiator Eagle

sku # CD4388

The Gladiator Eagle is perched atop a rock and is the ultimate gift for a recipient that goes above and beyond. This gift is made of crystal and comes on a smooth black glass base.



Soaring Eagle Award

sku # CD7318

When rewarding performers who rise above the rest, the Soaring Eagle is the logical choice for presentation.



Diving Eagle

sku # CD7320

The powerful image of the American bald eagle, a symbol of courage, leadership, and achievement, is displayed in this award. An excellent way to reward successful endeavors.



Eagle on Rock

sku # CD7326

This eagle is mounted on a strong base to symbolize the eagle's courage, strength and power.



Noble Eagle

sku # CD6140

Leaders are thoughtful, wise and committed to the task at hand. Reward individuals that possess these qualities with the Noble Eagle Award.



Trilogy Clock

sku # CD5805

This optically flawless crystal tower encompasses three clocks in any combination of time zones. The smooth beveled edges of this timepiece create a truly elegant look.



Danbury Circle Award

sku # CD4048p

Emerald green crystal dramatically extends from left to right across a perfect optical crystal circle, creating a stunning surface for a personalized message of congratulations. This award has universal appeal to an individual recipient or an entire organization. It can be customized with sincere words and imprinted in a variety of ways!

$128.00 - $153.00


Crystal Hockey Puck

sku # CD5912

An official size optically perfect crystal hockey puck is the perfect presentation award for the winning team or sports event. The Hockey Puck is a one-of-a-kind award!



Crystal Hockey Puck on Black Glass Base

sku # CD5912G

An official size optically perfect crystal hockey puck on black glass base is the perfect presentation award for the winning team or sports event. This hockey puck is a one-of-a-kind award.



Cobalt Oval Vase

sku # CD2240p

Blue is a color often associated with businesses and business endeavors. The Oval Cobalt Blue Vase is a beautiful fitting recognition award for many business achievements.

$128.00 - $183.00


Triumph Trophy Vase

sku # CD6235

This lovely vase is made of thick crystal. On its sides are dazzling blue crystal pieces. The Triumph Trophy Vase is customizable to include your personal image or logo.



Sublimatable Acrylic Paperweight

sku # TRA7100

Clear acrylic paperweight with full-color sublimated imprint on back of acrylic.